The Artists

Rose Pelzl -- Yellow Springs


is a sixth-generation Yellow Springs Villager. She works for the Village Public Works Department as a water and electric Meter Reader. Her artwork for this project focuses on our local built environment and the form of that infrastructure; a series of detailed ink-drawing prints on paper, each print uniquely water-colored.

Jordan Calderone-Mapel of The Cauldron & The Crown -- Yellow Springs


I started The Cauldron & The Crown in 2016, after college. All the flora and fauna are gathered with sustainable land stewardship in mind, or gifted from other BIPOC outdoors people. Industrial accents are upcycled from gifted unneeded jewelry, or from some other odd source. Inspired by Afro/Native futurism, and Solarpunk style, I also like to collaborate with other Indigenous friends (@tsalageekbeads & @akcavohko on insta) to make traditionally themed, modern art. I also produce a podcast and am a freelancer in the publishing field, the best way to keep up with all my favorite projects is on Instagram.

Mark Albain -- Cincinnati
(he/him) @m1rk2lb3in

is an Artist/Photographer/Custom Framer living and working in Cincinnati, Oh. His work has been shown in galleries, in the form of books and zine publications, as installation, and performance. His work focuses on the phenomena of connection and distance in the photographic space.

Angie Hsu of Overlap Craft -- Yellow Springs


My name is Angie Hsu (she/her/hers), and I live and work on our 5 acre property in Southern Ohio. Having grown up in Colorado and lived abroad for 8 years, my partner and I returned to the US and chose to live here to build intentional community, surrounded by nature and space for creativity. I have been making pottery since I took a ceramics class for fun in my last semester in college. I am enamored by how functional ceramics effortlessly brings together art, nature and food, an overlap of worlds that is critical to staying grounded and centered in our modern and busy lives. Having worked almost exclusively in human rights NGOs for the last 10 years, I am now experiencing my first year as a ceramics artist as my profession. I am striving to utilize my art as a means to bring attention to the pressing social injustice issues around us; I deeply believe in art as a means of raising awareness and making personal and political statements.

Selena Loomis -- Yellow Springs

(they/them) @selenaloo

is an artist, quiltmaker, and land-tender in Yellow Springs. Their work explores soil, cycles, and the time the body keeps. Selena is curious about liberation and care, from the homespace outward. 

John Stathopoulos of Sweeping Jone -- Athens @sweepingjone

My work is very much centered in the overlap of beauty and utility. The things I craft are tools for tending to a home as much as they are for appealing to the senses. Many of my brooms and domestic products are in the tradition of Shaker patterns and designs. Shaker crafts have always captured my attention in their subtle but lovely designs. I hope to make things for your home that you prefer to keep on display rather than tucked away. Chore with intention!

Cereal Box Studio -- Cincinnati
is a design and risograph print shop based in the CUF neighborhood of Cincinnati, OH. Using the creative freedom and productive capabilities of the riso process, our focus is in community print and the power of the press to connect people through ideas.

Objectif Alchemy Studios -- Cincinnati

@objectif_alchemy //

@jessthereishope+ @m1rk2lb3in

Mark Albain (he/him) and Jessica Whittington (she/her) are artist collaborators who brought together their divergent passions for photography, objectivity and materials in order to explore the possibilities of the multiple and print mediums. Mark's extensive experience with the photographic medium lends itself to a sensitive presentation of passage. Jessica's (mis)understanding of space is discovered through (im)material relations, and the process of exploring material bounds. OA seeks to alchemize the fleeting passage captured in image-making with the steady refrain of object-making. We continually seek projects with artists and creatives that inspire us while welding these passions together.

Olivia Minella of Tersa Tellus Ceramics -- Cincinnati


Olivia has had her hands in the earth collecting rocks ever since she could walk. Clay became the perfect medium for expression as it turns dirt into vitrified stone by mere hours in a fire. The peace and calm this process brings her will never grow old, and she is very excited to share her love of this material with others.

Jaclyn Stephens -- Yellow Springs


is an artist, farmer, and writer. Her work generates associative play between environments, materials, meanings, and sensory perceptions. Utilizing a variety of mediums, her work suspends the buoyancy we experience between the known and unknown about nature. Cultivating a relationship with landscape is both a way of living and a way of making, but primarily what connects everything she is constantly doing. 

tend space is an ongoing work-in-process, cultivating community art + art community in rural ohio. It is a container for and experiment in modeling a more caring world through collaborative creative practice. the 2021 CSArt is its first public program, co-organized by Jaclyn Stephens and Selena Loomis.