Will you ship my share to me?

Maybe, but all costs associated with shipping will be your responsibility. Some works in the share will be fragile, so shipping is not ideal. If you are uncomfortable with an in-person pickup due to COVID safety concerns, connect with us and we can coordinate an alternative method of retrieval. Masks and distancing will be required and enforced at pickups as long as the CDC recommends them.

Where does the money go? 

CSA's are self-sustaining economic models, (bringing in as much as they spend) so the money goes directly to paying the living artists included. As well as covering a sliver of admin labor, and the handmade, reusable packaging vessels your share will come in. 

Can I split a share with my friend/s?

Yes! This could be a fun way to each take home the work you really love. Email to get started. 

Land Acknowledgement

This project takes place on land stolen from Miami/Myammia, Shawnee, and Ottowa people. We acknowledge the legacies of violence and forced removal via colonization that this space holds, and that it is still and will always be indigenous land. Indigenous people are alive + thriving, and have also been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. We encourage giving to the First Nations COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, or directly to local indigenous communities.