Community Supported ART Details

What is Community Supported Art? 

Introduced in the ‘60s by Black regenerative farmer/scholar, Booker T. Whatley, community supported agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy seasonal food directly from local farms throughout each growing season. Artists have adopted this model, viewing art as a necessary form of nourishment, and deepened their roots through creating limited edition work for local community members. 

tend space invites you to join our first Community Supported Art program on the theme ART/ISTS AT HOME 

Shares for the 2021 CSArt are no longer available. If we choose to do the project again and you would like to hear about it first, email

the 2021 CSArtists are: 

Rose Pelzl -- Jordan Calderone-Mapel of the Cauldron The Crown -- Mark Albain -- Angie Hsu of Overlap Craft -- Selena Loomis -- John Stathopoulos of Sweeping Jone -- Cereal Box Studio -- Objectif Alchemy Studios -- Olivia Minella of Tersa Tellus Ceramics -- Jaclyn Stephens 

Works offered this year include: ceramics, original prints, fiber/textiles, plant-based work, illustrations, adornment objects, handmade brooms and more. 

Read all about the artists HERE 

examples of work by Sweeping Jone, Cereal Box Studio, Selena Loomis, and Overlap Craft*


10 emerging Ohio artists are creating tactile art objects in their home studios, meant to be displayed, used, and loved in share-members homespaces. Community members who purchase a share will receive 3 'farm boxes’ of locally produced artwork. Physically-distant, weekend pickups will coincide with the full moons of June, July, and August, and offer brief moments of connection with land and local artmakers at plant-loving sites in Yellow Springs. Share-members will receive original, limited edition work from all 10 artists throughout the season, curated into groups of 3-4 each month. Artworks will be ready-to-use/hang, or assemble yourself. Like a farm CSA, we are offering whatever work is ‘ripening’ in artist’s studios this season. Each pickup will also include creative, reusable packaging and art/ag related ‘bumper crops.’ 

examples of work by Tersa Tellus Ceramics, Mark Albain, and Rose Pelzl* 

WHY NOW? The world has shifted immensely with COVID-19, and we honor the past year spent at home as a practice in self- and community-care. Our CSArt embraces this shift, hoping to enliven and imbue magic into sharemembers homes, now saturated with the energies of a long, difficult year. 

examples of work by Objectif Alchemy Studios, Jaclyn Stephens, and The Cauldron & The Crown*

tend space is an ongoing work-in-process, cultivating community art and art community in rural Ohio. it's a container for and experiment in modeling a more caring world through collaborative creative practice. the CSArt is it's first program, co-organized by Jaclyn Stephens and Selena Loomis, modeled on Community Supported Art in Minnesota, created by and Springboard for the Arts.

*Example images are not the items that will be included in the share, but samples of each artist's style.